Riding with Nick Larkin!!!!

by Leah on August 20, 2009

Nick Larkin was an awesome coach and trainer. He was funny and smart and taught me so much. AND his New Zealand accent was the best:-) Mac was not ready to do the clinic from his foot soreness but today he was SOUND!!!! So, I am going to start working him lightly. Epi, the thoroughbred/welsch cross is recovering from his puncture wound and he wasn’t ready either, so I took Terry’s wonderful event mare Tess. The second half of the clinic was the best for us. In the beginning my reins were too “hunterish” and long and she had one galloping fit when separated from the other horses and I was not being “assertive” (my mom and terry’s word) but then we worked it out. Here are 2 pictures of us getting to know Nick and he getting to know us. I do wish I could have done this with Mac but I did learn alot. Tomorrow I will post the bank jump pictures and then the water jump pictures.

Nick is coming back for training on September 15th and if Mac is back up to work I will take him. I will have to miss school in the morning but I promised my mom I would make up the work.

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